Reopening August 28th 2020

Bikram Hot Yoga Antwerp is opening on Friday, August 28th 2020
“Closing times 2 but Opening time TOO!

More Yoga, Love and Peace and mindful people 
in Antwerp. 
We can Breath and do what we love to do 

Please reserve your spot for this weekend :

Hot Vinyasa & Yin Yoga weekend:

Friday, August 28th: 10am & 18:30 
Saturday, Augusth 29th: 10am 
Sunday, August 30th: 10am 
Monday, August 31th: 6pm 

This class offers you a flow based practice in a hot room where you synchronize breath with movement. Expect the sweaty challenge of a dynamic flow to begin, followed by deep and long held stretches (yin yoga) to relax and wind down. The best of both worlds combined into this 75min class. 
Suitable for yogis of all levels!

Bikram Yoga Class starts in September (next week)
More information coming up. 

 Please send message 
  to RESERVE your SPOT 
 +32 (0) 49 512 7442 
Bikram Hot Yoga Antwerp/ ANNA
Message or whatsapp only PLEASE. 
Limited amount of YOGIS are allowed in Yoga Room Bouble for a few week
Earlier is better
always try, people cancel last minute because of heavy traffic - last 2 years story in ANTWERPEN. 

Who reserve first, serve first. 

Thank you for understanding
•Please use Handsanitizer at studio entrance door and before you enter yoga room 
•Keep distance 1,5m all the time 
•Inside studio face mask
highly recommended- healthy measures in Belgium 
•Quick shower 2-3min: studio etiquette
•Be on time, door close 5 minutes before class starts- studio etiquette 
•bring towel, yoga mat & water 
•appriciated your effort and always ENJOY your yoga practice 
•if you don’t feel well stay and rest 
at home we have class every day you will come back soon. “Safety First !”

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